And brand new 100 OVR Player Items to collect

User Profile will be converted to a Legacy Profile and will reflect your final progress and records in the current Season of FIFA Mobile.When the new season is launched you will receive a reward based on your final Team OVR. This reward will include FIFA Points,fifa coins Players and Packs which will help give you a head start in the new season. The higher your Team OVR, the better reward you will get! We will have more specifics around these rewards soon so keep an eye out in-game for more details.To kick things off the Pre-Season program will be our last new event of the current season. Starting today, anytime you complete a Pre-Season Event, Plan or purchase a Pre-Season pack that contains the following ‘Now & Later’ icon you will receive a special Token that can be redeemed at the start of the new season.Each Pre-Season Plan and Pack will offer unique ‘Now & Later’ rewards, be sure to read the reward descriptions for more details.If you’ve been engaging with the Blue Star Hazard, VS Attack Masters or Top Transfer Neymar Plans you will have the opportunity to upgrade these five 100 OVR Players in the Pre-Season and carry forward an exclusive version of them into the new season.This program will also offer big rewards with new content to choose from and brand new 100 OVR Player Items to collect. Each week we will be unlocking new Player Items to obtain and upgrade.The Pre-Season program will feature 27 new Player Items,fifa 18 coins allowing you to build an entire line-up of Pre-Season Masters. New Pre-Season Masters will be rolled out each week and many of them can be obtained and leveled up to 100 OVR through in game plans using Tokens.
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