high grade material

board, make from fountainhead, handpick and high grade material, use advanced device, energy industry is made, environmental protection grade follows national index strictly, "composite decking shrinkage healthy true plank " deduce incisively and vividly, satisfy the requirement of healthy environmental protection of consumer adequately. Still have it is with environmental protection this Kangbeide, established rubber factory and laboratory

technically not only, came true step adding bench to a square deck by step from " waterproof glue " to " phenolic aldehyde is sizy " arrive again " the glue that do not have aldehyde " upgrade improve, assured the environmental protection sex of plank product from fountainhead. And, in producing course of the plank that do not have aldehyde, to purify waste water of air, processing, introduced cost millions technically, 3 foot gate and fencing sheet is onefold cover ' activated

carbon fiber is organic and adsorptive device ' the quote on the net the environmental protection equipment of the form a complete set of entire product line with respect to child locks for plantation shutters more than yuan 60. Be aimed at domestic plate company increasing, industry competition turns white-hot with each passing day, the product is coessential turn severe case, shandong is not little plate company is answered with ceaseless technology and

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