Envy the film with its, be inferior to living the life big

20 years long fill the 4th week general in the month 5 with the passing of time fill headquarters to be started ceremoniously, initiate commonweal of · of health of · of action · warmth as follows, this will be a grand meeting that initiates times resonance. Star of famous movie and TV serves as with a small room long fill specially invite guest to also will be visited long fill headquarters and Beijing activity spot, for " warm health " enunciative, help power move, the enormous power that challenges together.

·Warmth records good moment, allusion hides happy life

The every time on this world answers eye is proper,

The encountering of every time is to enter 10 lis of corridor.

The life was full of warmth everywhere, wait to discover attentively. And beside those silent warmth, also contain is worn Xuzheng energy. Especially the power that old hand holds the warm instant of stop to let a person feel a person, probably the motivation of the business that we do now also person.

Bosom warmth often can beam with smiles, long the · warmth that contains the action initiates solid warm space to collect your, rely on sina fact warm channel, the whole people collects the warm instant of warm heart of warm solid warm front courtyard, the record is good, add horsepower to buy power for happy life.

·Healthy life elsewhere, be in firmly heart

Life resembles one side mirror, to its frown, it also is answered smile to it with frown; , she is answered be like cafeteria with riant; life, help without attendant, want to eat what kind of him dish to choose. Do not have a person to be able to not choose health, health is just like is one grows long way, the attention protects cultivate, what ability goes is long-term, the unobstructed that go. Have health, ability lives well, maintain the continuance of life. The environment with whole health gives life the health of manage not only, return the sureness that can take psychology. The person that feels strong completely, the world and person physiology solution is satisfied warmth, leading this cognitive fast life, make each cell red-blooded.

Protect a heart to just can savor the life, long the · health that fills the action begins 10 thousand formaldehyde to detect freely the action, attention is healthy, attention child grows. Buy a portion to be called healthy insurance to the life, let a person a sureness, highlight life character.

·Responsibility of society of travel of commonweal carry out, explain green progress

"Commonweal and each person be closely bound up, the life this society, your change, it is social change. " commonweal, not be one the individual's thing, need a person join, it is a society shows, it is a seed, the heart sows to be able to let hope to blossom, to others a seed gives him a spring namely, commonweal is not actually distant. The bottom of the heart has everybody kind-hearted, through small individual force also can affect the big group beside.

Travel commonweal always nurture is not had border big, long the · commonweal that fills the action starts 1000 cities of countrywide afforestation compaign, 100 media are witnessed jointly long fill countrywide agency to be each real spending of week to plant a tree. The force of collect everybody, the green; tree that returns a ball is had green, the ball just has pulse.

Long fill as the country the industry is gotten army enterprise, this week breaks free from conventions, the means of whole trench great urge that executes similarly hereinafter of the line on the line, countrywide linkage, be sure to be paid close attention to by the height outside the industry, goddess helps strength with the bend affection of a small room, the mad tide that situation general lifts.

Month, long fill and you are the action together, the strong interest of the challenge!

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