Market businessman expresses

goes up 1.24% , clinch a deal all valence is 15200 yuan / ton. Market businessman expresses, although current market is in low ebb, but gold of field foreign capital enters city composite ceiling planks tongue and groove collect storehouse very active however, this shows ever since city latent capacity. Sum up this week prices, market market personage expresses, in grail index " dovish " go up while, many businessmen are sales volume however terribly defeated. On one

hand 6, was in the market July the buy white cedar tung and groove boards in ma sale is off-season, on the other hand market of finished product furniture also does not trade to raw material to force bring very great pressure. Although the tall look forward to of the price also gives grail to be propped up certainly, but in market heat durative not strong case falls, grail index also is formed hard rebound effectively reasonable, the market average cost of wood mezzanine floor canada also was immersed in to

relapse in the old structure of concussion. 2, the market trades hasten is weak, the explore below log classification index 0.31% Index of this week log classification continues curtain walls systems vs composite wall panels next explore commentate pressure, week index signs up for 1064.46 a little bit, zhou Huan comparing drops 3.33 a little bit, drop 0.31% . Trade the forehead relatively small last week add 0.41% . 3 big markets dish area north drops ceaseless,

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