the floor before painting

any dust using a vacuum cleaner and mop with water to remove dust. Once dry, test the surface with adhesive tape to make sure no residue of dust has been left on the surface. Although the advanced formula means that you don need to prime the floor before painting, we suggest you seal the surface with

a coat of acid etch solution or with a first coat of the garage floor paint diluted with 20-25% water to aid the adhesion of the paint to the surface For previously painted surfaces, wire brush the paint to remove any loose or flaking paints. Sand down and wipe clean with a white spirit to remove

dust. Ensure all dust residue particles have been removed before continuing. Garage floor paint can be applied by brush, roller or pad. Apply a minimum of 2 coats, working from one corner of the garage in small sections towards the entrance of the garage. A 2.5Ltr tin will easily provide 2 coats of

" wood plastic composite floor board
, angle the back on a wooden lawn bench
" composite wood fence cost
, custom outdoor composite prodcuts
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