the quality of the pavement wood flooring

Misunderstandings when laying laying blockboard, and some consumers in order to over-the pursuit of foot feeling, keel plus jacquard board, in fact, blockboard quality varies widely, can not guarantee the quality, at the same time, the quality of blockboard Affect the quality of the pavement wood flooring.

Therefore, if you want to shop blockboard, you must choose a well-known brand, it is best to use multi-layer plywood instead of blockboard, it is recommended not to lay blockboard or plywood. Misunderstandings Three excessive pursuit of valuable timber species on the market.

for the sale of wood flooring currently has more than 100 kinds of dazzling, different species of wood prices, performance, materials are different, consumers should be based on their room environment, decoration Style, personal preferences and economic strength of the situation to buy.

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