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cooperates, 5 batch that take 5 distribute company in all in Cao county are nominal joinery board; With He market of region of lustre city peony supervises management board to cooperate, wood fencing or illusions 20 batch that in He area of lustre city peony takes 20 distribute company in all are nominal floor of woodiness of macerate paper lamination. In last few years joinery board the market lasts low fan, basically sell zoology board, and Cao

county is joinery board manufacturing base,average cost for deck railings basically be to produce an enterprise to sell agency directly, what sell in Cao county market is very few, because of this joinery board the sample amount that did not buy a plan. This second province is industrial and commercial selective examination actual in all draw-out the 25 batch commodity of 25 distribute enterprise, among them draw-out decking patterns for sale the 5 batch joinery of 5 distribute

enterprise board, eligible product a batch, product percent of pass is 20% , draw-out the ply of paper of 20 batch macerate of 20 distribute enterprise controls woodiness floor board,4x8 exterior composite siding eligible product 14 batch, product percent of pass is 70% , unqualified project expands for static music intensity, bibulous ply wear-resisting of rate, surface, formaldehyde releases a quantity. This second selective examination the

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