pieces of solid wood flooring

Recently, The old man came to Consumer Protection Committee Yue Branch, reflecting the great difference between the quality of the floor he bought. It turned out that in June this year, Wu old man home renovation, so Le Lezhen from Le Hong Road, a floor shop,

to 175 yuan per square meter price of 11 square meters of solid wood floor. After laying the floor, but also more than 10 pieces of solid wood flooring, so Wu old man intends to put them away for future use. Clean up the floor process, Wu Laobo aware of each floor of the weight is not the same,

and light, heavy difference is not obvious. So, he quickly got the weighing tools, the remaining floor one by one again. This claim really claimed the problem. The heaviest floor weighs 1.57 kg, while the lightest piece is only 0.86 kg, and the difference between the wood is also very obvious.

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