institute of program

institute of industry of designing institute of program of forest products of bureau of forestry of association of industry of industry of Guangxi forest products, country, veranda 16ft brilliant deck Guangxi and contest inferior the expert such as industry of timber of industry of industry of timber of extensive household, courser, Hong Chenglong timber, shake bright, Sen Hemu course of study. Expert attending the meeting changed plan to have

sufficient inquiry to ability, combine high adaptability to climate pool deck spring the current situation of wooden industry and development target offerred a proposal. Shandong grows limited company of machinery of the job that promote wood to be engaged in plywood for a long time rectifying plant equipment to make reach program design, market of machine of makeup of medium plate of plywood of its fist product is had rate is high,pressure-treated stockade fence panel for sale be in lead position,

plywood that the company rolled out 2016 coils board shop holds product line of automation group semifinished product, to traditional plywood manufacturing technology undertook build garden boxes with composite innovating, upgrade to the craft of plywood industry had very good demonstrative effect. Shandong grows future of have sth in mind of limited company of machinery of the job that promote wood, devote oneself to to conduct industry development.

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