floor of the factory in indifferent

the city in the thunderstorm thunder and weeping. City Road water, housing collapsed, traffic blocked ... ... New Rhine Tiger floor of the factory in indifferent storms stubbornly resist. The torrential rains that started on the early morning of July 17th will bring together the employees of the Rhinoceros to the boss and the staff of the Rhinoceros,

naturally, to the rescue. When other companies looked ferocious floods, looking down to the eastward flow of property, reluctantly regrettable, when the Rhine Tiger floor because of the concerted efforts of all staff, and ultimately curb the huge losses.

The shadow of the torrential rain has not yet completely passed, and the new factory on the Rhine Tiger floor has ushered in with the second batch of special guests - 46 teachers and students of the marketing professional of Grade 04 in Southwest Jiaotong University.

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