undertakes to rectifying

government will be timely the branch undertakes to rectifying and reform the job related the organization " look round " , the superintend after beginning. Right in July 31 bamboo outdoor decking malta before did not pass punish acceptable the company is same take power cut step, close stop ban; to treating corrupt the company with establishment abnormal movement is same take step of power cut stop production, undertake case punishs; to be opposite

supporting " messy corrupt " the industry best material for an outdoor floor appears those who rebound, ask stoutly duty. 2. adds up to facilities of program, processing to want all readily to be finished before October 31 to notting agree with move ingoing garden, exceed the time limit is half-baked uniform close stop ban. (4) phase of mechanism of form growing effect 1. consolidates coal fired boiler administers achievement,framing a deck on an oval pool strengthen daily go on a tour of

inspection, discover do sth without authorization restores to use heat of coal fired pannikin, close lawfully stoutly stop ban. 2. consolidates VOCS administers achievement, building floor deck finland strengthen superintend daily, discharge do not amount to mark or the punish of same stop production of facilities of processing of out of service, what still do not amount to mark via stop production punish is determined give close halt the same stop

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