bond well with the concrete floor

concrete, before the primer is applied. Once everything is prepared, it is best that you use an epoxy paint application on the floor. Keep in mind that this usually comes in two cans wherein you will have to mix both the resin paint and the hardener at the same time. Leave it for a few minutes before

applying it on the garage flooring. Be careful when applying the paint on the floor. It will be best if you are able to carefully apply it starting from the farthest corner walls all the way to the door. This way you won't literally paint yourself into a corner. It will also be best to even out the

surface using good rollers. Once the flooring is dry enough, apply an anti slip coating and floor sprinkles to provide more traction.Garage Floor Paint Numerous individuals neglect their floors in the garage, which usually ends up in the cracking of the concrete floors, mildew growth and other undesired

" 2x4 white composite wood
, composite decking material 2x4 white
" landscape border brackets
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