annulus comparing keeps

on December 31 stocks 3.63 million, annulus comparing keeps balance basically, average sunrise goods 62 thousand, shipment is slower. Among them, radiation is loose 1.94 million square, outdoor teak flooring tiles from bay pine log of 460 thousand square, North America 1.28 million. Too storehouse 5 harbor stocks 1.44 million: North America log 680 thousand square, radiate is loose 450 thousand square, bay pine material of 180 thousand square, Russia

lumber of 130 thousand square,comparison composite decking prices saudi arabia Japan 80 thousand, haze hill + haze bridge 670 thousand, tianjin 270 thousand, pasture of Cao the wife of a prince 210 thousand, harbor of Dong Jia mouth 140 thousand, qingdao 150 thousand, new civilian continent 170 thousand, zhangzhou + Pu Tian 90
thousand, guangxi 130 thousand, fibercorr 48 in. x 96 in. laminated frp plastic core wall panel guangdong 170 thousand. Environmental protection ministry: 8 kinds of case such as the blowdown that do not

have card can fine 1 million Without card blowdown or the fine that face 1 million yuan, serious business returns the clue to be put out possibly yard. This is wholesale outdoor patio laminate environmental protection ministry released a few days ago " blowdown license runs way (try out) " (the following abbreviation "

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