distributing center functional

amount of bulk cargo are distributing center functional fixed position of the center, delimit approve special lumber to receive discharge berth, the key begins a boat to how to make deck railing into a bar table carry bulk log imports business. Current, port area of the bay before yellow island port already formed Qingdao and port area of Dong Jia mouth two big haven " both wings flies together " lumber imports old structure. 2 it is to break thinking, solid

push mode reform. Rely on system wooden playground border fastners of E-CIQ main force, science applies eligible assess program to undertake examining quarantine qualification assess; On the foundation that analyses in the risk, differentiate grade of product source risk; Use " careful sheet is put continuously " mode, carry out classified management to importing plank. In the light of bulk boat carry plank implements policy of composite decking to cover wood materials the storage that keep tax,

adopt " examine into the area quarantine, group by group cancel after verification gives a division " mode, close efficiency to promote greatly, the enterprise manages deck railing australia cost to be reduced considerably. 3 it is technical side is helped up, promote development of industry of the lumber that face harbor. Through visitting survey on the spot, face the problem with inferior administrative levels of inadequacy of dimensions

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