FIFA has done an excellent job

We expect EA to make sure that the FIFA 17 release date due to this fall. Last year EA announced the FIFA 16 relieve date in late May possibly, ahead of E3, and we think this will likely happen again in 2016. To make the game no more interesting and to give it a new look, EA can provide a choice to tweak kits every year on loading of FIFA Coins for Sale each season, this will give some sort of feel of something fresh. I believe FIFA 16 is a great game, but lots of new features is usually added to the game for making it more authentic and real.

Here we are discussing FIFA 17 features wishlist. If you have acquired any opinion or idea for your FIFA’s new version, you can also give us here. To bring a somewhat more excitement into the sport with extra teams. We all love to play in the big team side, and FIFA has done an excellent job in introducing like champion teams, they have featured almost take care teams of football, but they have eventually left several small teams. Sometimes it feels good to play on the small team side next to a champion. It bestows a unique challenging feeling. EA can add fresh reserves teams in FIFA teen for extra enthusiasm. This will be unique attribution and definately will provide more challenging prospects.

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