course of study

expands economy in entity economically " development demand. With Dayamu course of study (Jiangsu) this this product line of put into production is exemple, wpc deck importers in philippines those who go is to make full use of the circular economy of resource grows way. This product line makes full use of forestry " 3 remnant content " (namely the forest cuts lave, if forestry of; of branch, fork, root machines lave, if edge, skin, horn expects;

wood tastes treatment lave,replacing balsa core deck on sailboat like paring, wood chip, broken makings) , second little fuel material and artificial fast give birth to high yield the resource such as commodity forest, with part of man-made board product replaces product of lumber of old way class, made full use of raw material, let artificial forest the dust that taller; produces even compressed wood pallet Deep embossed deck Turkmenistan treatment even can use lumber utilization rate the advanced technique

becomes flue gas, stoving data is used after filtering. And big inferior choose to build this product line in Su Qian, what also abound with Suqian is hollow to the floor means artificial forest resource cent does not leave. Old the city zone of old change city enrols Gui Xiao of trade bureau director to express: "Forest natural resources is Su Qian's advantage all the time, vivid stumpage save up measures about 16.5 million stere, forest is

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