contracts that just

eighty-nine firmly one year; The hire of 10 years of contracts that just signed 50 thousand... "Tear open! " the Chen Shuping that calculates Zhang, sound casts the ground bamboo composite flooring price is phonic. After family is informed his plan, gas must not talk with him, go to work in the processing factory even the person is the same as a village of 20 one's remaining years is different also meaning. Chen Shuping with respect to be willing to part

with or use? He is not abandoned of install veranda pvc railing course. But this thought also written in water. He is clear, regard a village as the cadre, everybody is staring at him closely! That month, he sent thousands of money more to the workers in the factory, sent them, very fast the machine vacaition inside workshop, begin proceed to be torn open oneself. "Sometimes sound is 2 in x 4 in prime pressure-treated louver kit especially big, get greatly cannot siesta. " the Dong Hui village

that presses down another in 100 rivers, the processing factory of wood of 4 wife and children before refer village is medium, circumjacent person can'ts inexpensive flooring enclosed porch bear character painstakingly to noise, and the harmful material such as dust still can produce in producing a course, put in certain environmental pollution. At that time, how had done demolish labour consummate to reach 100 rivers to press down a difficult problem

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