promised to be a certain amount of compensation

July 30, the newspaper published King Premiere Room 6, Building 6, Unit 1203, Ms. Sun home, because the new shop floor cracking, but the decoration of the house can not Stay reported. Shenghui Decoration City, the responsible person attaches great importance to this,

with the Northland Wood dealer coordination, the distributor said that in 3 days, Ms. Sun's floor home all free replacement, promised to be a certain amount of compensation. Yesterday morning at 10 o'clock, King Ranch Room 6, Building 6, Unit 1203, Madame Sun came to the evening hotline room,

"Thanks to your newspaper's help, the problems that plagued us for many days was resolved. The boss said to ensure that free replacement of all floors within three days. The problem can be solved, I am very satisfied. "According to Ms. Sun's husband,

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