safe facilities is ceaseless

investment is increased stage by stage, safe facilities is ceaseless and perfect. at year old at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign during,outdoor pergolas average cost height of 3 Party committee closing a garrison post, government values job of safe production of all trades and professions, begin safe production big examination, seasonable platoon actively to check it is hidden trouble, dangerous to build

be on guard system and outdoor decking crates slats lash-up deal with system, ensure people safety celebrates a festival smoothly. To on December 31 total stocks of log of material of countrywide needle leaf 3.63 million From the point of home market inventory, countrywide log lumber comes total on December 31 stocks 3.63 million, annulus comparing keeps balance basically, average build a outside deck sunrise goods 62 thousand, shipment is

slower. Among them, radiation is loose 1.94 million square, bay pine log of 460 thousand square, North America 1.28 million. Too storehouse 5 harbor stocks 10 x 10 composite Embossed deck kit 1.44 million: North America log 680 thousand square, radiate is loose 450 thousand square, bay pine material of 180 thousand square, Russia lumber of 130 thousand square, Japan 80 thousand, haze hill + haze bridge 670 thousand,

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