Sound-absorbing cotton

Sound-absorbing cotton is a very technologically sound and cost-effective noise reduction solution. It is made of high-pressure polyester fiber. With people's growing desire for a comfortable living outdoor composite benches for the house Norway environment, sound-absorbing cotton began to enter the home as a wall structure to meet the needs of creating a tranquil environment. Sound absorption principle: Sound-absorbing cotton is through the sound waves in the polyester fiber to reflect back and forth to achieve noise reduction, sound-absorbing effect.

Sound-absorbing cotton itself easily fouling, poor quality sound-absorbing cotton formaldehyde content is excessive, or contain other pollution components, please be careful selection of qualified products. Recommendation: The sound-absorbing cotton laid to the professional outdoor wood material sound-absorbing cotton usually 50mm thickness, industrial products are usually 1 m �� 1 m, or 1 m �� 2 m specifications. According to the requirements of customers fire plastic or cut, washed into any shape. Usually divided into whole house sound-absorbing cotton and single wall laying, a variety of special types of sound-absorbing cotton - with flame retardant, conductive, thermal insulation and other requirements of cotton sound slightly expensive.

Experts remind the appropriate background sound to help people have done a soundproof, silenced room, you can always open the window breathable and bass playing some soft music, both to suppress the noise of the outside world, but also create a moderate sound, warm and comfortable indoor surroundings. Office and other occasions can also play some background music, can ease the work of tension and improve efficiency. Psychologists advise people to strive to livestock fence plastic materials Denmark eliminate noise in their homes as well as to maintain a moderately sound environment so that they can truly be healthy.

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