sawn timber goods

volume of sawn timber goods rose 40% this year. No matter be new,cast the southern part or the driving climate that distensible production will maintain growth. make attached breezeway bench The price of North America reached record-breaking level 2017. The uncertainty that exports custom duty to the United States and more driving macroeconomic drove Canada to rise in price. At present the custom duty of 20% may affect

Canadian lumber company to cheap wooden decking singapore spend money mainland of past United States or abroad amount. Will announce the result 2018, wait and see what happens. Guangdong suitable heart buys demonstrative division of safety of quality of careless products of provincial bamboo wood newly The reporter learns 3 days from bureau of division of classics of material de los composite pedal suitable heart area, assess on the spot through early

days, demonstrative division of wood of suitable heart exit and furniture quality safety is examined by Guangdong discrepancy condition quarantine bureau is composite wood shakes and decking judged for provincial Zhu Mu safety of careless product quality sets an example area. Furniture makes the traditional manufacturing industry that is suitable heart, happy with dragon Jiang Zhenhe it is core area from the town, whole

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