east develops ministry

Russian federal far east develops ministry adviser to cover with tiles Jim points out, 47% needle leaves of Chinese machine lumber to originate far east area. building a deck over concrete ideas And gross of virgin forest of far east area 21.1 billion stere, 51% what occupy Asia-Pacific forest gross, its are in the development perspective of forestry domain is wide. Russian lumber trades in platform Explore efficient cooperative

way, supply and demand of average deck cost northern va lumber of both sides of the Russia in driving realizes normative legalization butt joint, already was brought into the key that two countries forestry cooperates. In November 2017, jeff of Wei of heart of Russia premier plum is visited China during, two countries signs a series of memorandum, involve the arrangement build dry storage under deck to forestry among them. Occupy Shi Feng to

divulge, two countries concerned orgnaization is medium already Russian lumber trades of platform establish reach preliminary talk things over, protocol at outdoor floor tiles wood formal this year in Feburary be born. Russian far east develops ministry website to release a message to point out, russian lumber trades in platform will become two countries to be traded exclusively by the lumber of attestation channel,

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