The timber that imports

grow 2.3% compared to the same period. The timber that imports from Finland among them seven hundred and fifty-seven thousand eight hundred stere, 35% what occupy upvc decking 300mm wide Europe to import gross about. Does environmental protection Shui Kaizheng live in building materials enterprise to had stood on cliff edge? 2018 year, enterprise of household building materials has some " sit stand to be installed

hard " . On January 1, " tax law of composite fascia board Supplier environmental protection of People's Republic of China " begin formally to carry out, this still is in to producing kind relatively the household building materials of extensive phase creates a company for, posed a difficult problem undoubtedly. What does Shui Kaizheng of environmental protection mean to living in wood cladded houses in ghana building materials industry? Professional

personage calculated brushstroke Zhang, with annual produce 50 million yuan medium-sized household makes an enterprise be exemple, enterprise answer one year the installing two sided deck stairs environmental protection the amount of tax to be paid of capture is 30-70 10 thousand yuan, equipment of the environmental protection before adding this is rectified and reform annual 150 thousand yuan - 300 thousand yuan investment,

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