plate company environmental

to each villages and towns (street, developing zone) plate company environmental protection rectifies and reform the job to undertake " look round " , the superintend after cheap pvc wall panel wholeslae beginning, determined blow " messy corrupt " industry resurgence phenomenon. To exceeding period did not pass punish acceptable the company is same; of power cut stop production to treating corrupt the company with

establishment abnormal movement is durable inexpensive fence same take step of power cut stop production, undertake case is punished supporting stoutly. 4, ensure measure (One) strengthen a leadership. This the action is to fulfil the significant move that rectifies and reform opinion of feedback of superintend of central environmental protection in the round, time is close, the task is heavy,cost to build portable 10x20 deck political sex is strong,

government of county Party committee, county holds water to be a group leader with secretary, head of a county, subprefect of be assigned personal responsibility for options for concrete patio floor is assistant group leader rectify and reform the job to head a group, the member that group of group of contact of environmental protection superintend grows up in the center of former county rectifies organizational system to

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