industry garden begins

deepness processing, area of 8 industry garden begins concentration heat addition. Project of the superintend after carrying out 16875, supervise and direct solve slot together wooden raised bed planter plan a problem 912; Feel a platoon to ban " messy corrupt " enterprise 8460. develops key area superintend of special environmental protection, check a company 372, investigate an issue 2021, turn over place county area entirely

from severe investigate.high quality balcony flooring accuses an enterprise to pollute source proper motion to monitor to 88 countries reach information to make public a circumstance to begin special inspection, discover a problem more than 160, enjoin the enterprise is rectified and reform instantly entirely. starts superintend of city class environmental protection, already superintend 4 graffiti prices on privacy fences counties area, give to person of

23 relevant responsibility ask duty. Had done superintend of central environmental protection to coordinate safeguard work with all one's strength, properties of hardwood deck receive during superintend turn do a letter to visit 911, already did a form entirely, talk about 152 people about, ask duty 216 people, put on record penalizes a company 252 the home, amerce 11.65 million yuan, put on record of door of the Ministry

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