custom-built household

to rise, custom-built household product rises in price 5%-12% left and right sides, include the product such as wooden door, ambry, furniture, hardware, plank. Current, cheap vinyl deck planks railing lag of building materials market at estate boom cycle. As the continuance of estate adjusting control, demand is abate will deliver gradually come over. Sawn timber market level: Burmese material stocks is in short supply,

safflower pear transfers smoothly what the cost of plastic composit fence Sawn timber market: Malaysia pineapple case lasts be in short supply; Safflower pear transfers smoothly, red Hu Tao is low a concussion; Look forward to of red rubber prices is firm; Weak potential of Russia lumber market is arranged. 1, market of southeast Asia sawn timber: Malaysia pineapple case lasts be in short supply. plastic exterior corbels fence According to businessman report,

log of Malaysia pineapple case appeared this year relatively substantially rise, among them diametical 60cm rose in price below to make an appointment with 300 yuan / stere,permeable drainage mat balcony decking of diametical 60cm above rose 500 yuan / stere left and right sides, cut curium plank (volume recovery 5-6 is become) later its price rises more exaggerative. However the enthusiasm that exorbitant stock cost hit lumber

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