existing life rubbish

runs facilities of processing of existing life rubbish, problem much hair, hidden trouble is outstanding. The 4th, partial foreland breaks the law surround the sea front fence design ideas to fill the sea and violate compasses breed a circumstance common, water front is destroyed serious, zoology function degrades, circumstance of pollution of environment of alongshore maritime space is outstanding. Group of superintend

of central the 4th environmental discount anti fungus composite decking protection points out, hainan is important place of Xiang Hai of coastal city county, shoreward want the case such as the room serious, environment of zoology of ministry of play a game of chess causes apparent effect or destroy. Dan state municipal government and marine branch break up the whole into parts are violated composite wood cheap fence for sale compasses examine and approve the sea to

spend an island to write sea project, project construction causes large area cay and damage of Bai Die shellfish. Bay of life of 10 thousand peaceful town travels tongue and groove deck boards integratedly go vacationing the area is artificial project of insular month island is built first at was not being approved in October 2015, till superintend is garrisoned when just stop actually to violate the act that fill the of

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