exit bamboo wood

out mode of exit bamboo wood to reform 2015 oneself, wooden to exit before furniture executes smoke batch examine instead declares discharged, 2017 is to realize wooden fence panels plastic italy complete second to put more. To the enterprise own newspaper check provided freedom and space, simplified flow, shortened time, bring down pass cost. In addition, examine enterprise of quarantine branch help was built " risk

management plans " , the product timber wall panels risk that lets an enterprise be produced to oneself has reasonable grade, perfect quality guarantee system, increase the control capacity of crucial reference point, raise exit product percent of pass thereby. This staff member expresses, 2017 all and percent of pass of exit furniture product is achieved 100% , did not produce retractable fencing for gardens abroad to return case of goods

claim for compensation. 2017 too port annual imports the storehouse lumber 11.13 million cubic metre 2017, too storehouse port accumulative total intercepts eco wood composite Deep embossed decking in Aweir and capture quarantine sex in receiving condition timber evil living things 37 kinds, 1848 kinds second, grow 2.78% respectively compared to the same period, 13.1% , among them " the whole nation is intercepted and capture first "

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