Searching California Criminal Records

California Criminal record is one of the top archive that is accessed by the local citizens of the state. Since the information is made available to the public, many would use it to conduct a background check on the people they encounter or interact with.


The most common reason why such records are being accessed is to check the background of an individual. Employers today use these tools to ensure that the people they are working with have clean records and with good intentions. Some people would use these documents to check the background of their babysitter or their caretakers. Searching for an individual's criminal information has helped many employers in making a wise decision.

Once you gain California State Criminal Records access to the criminal data bank, necessary information about a case can be obtained. The full name of the individual in question and the details of the arrest are retrieved. It would also contain details about the detentions or any dispositions that are documented by the enforcing office or the court. The documents are stored until the individual would reach 100 years old. Individuals who have been convicted of any crime can check their own record and review the details of it. For third party criminal records, only law enforcing agencies and approved employers can access it.

Searching for information about an individual can be done by going to government offices or Criminal Records On Self through the internet. If you are in California, you can start your search at the California Department of Justice since all the court cases and records from law enforcing agencies are kept there. Searching for this information at the government office would mean security because the search is done using your fingerprint. A minimum fee of $25 is charged by the Department of Justice. With the help of the Internet, searching for criminal records have a made it much easier.

Looking up information about criminals can be done in two ways: free or fee based. There are free online sites that can give just the basic information. Websites that offers free criminal records only provide the name of the person you are conducting a background check on. These websites most of the times do not provide details about the case. Because the service is free, the search is not comprehensive, as it may give out incorrect details due to identical names and similar personal backgrounds.

On the other hand, websites that offer Fee-Based Criminal records give out accurate information. Unlike websites that offer free criminal records, fee based websites, search for image record in many databases rather than the public ones. Fee based sites are following state protocols that many find helpful especially in getting information about cases.
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