standard to collective

and honor " wait for 8 dimension to spend, had a standard to collective brand is used and managing. Group level pays close attention to Yuan Fucai actively to expect garden fence panels composite quality and process canal accuse, one ticket kills the business that waits for side issue to involving quality of product environmental protection, product, intellectual property and social liability. In addition, group level

provided a product clearly still cheap price board eco friendly 3 packets of period of efficacy not under 3 years, excel Beijing and furniture of Shanghai and other places serve a demand 3 packets, the normative requirement of whole technological process and close after service are affirmatory, eat a sth capable of comforting sb to the user that chooses product of designation of trade marks of deck wood flooring collective of suitable heart

furniture. Industry of floor of Zhejiang horizontal Lin Zhen already decided 12 projects investment exceeds 2 billion Current, transition of industry of floor decking low maintenance decking of horizontal Lin Zhen upgrades to be quickened ceaselessly, it is good to strive to be a year of new economy to be built it is bureau, good to rise pace. Serve as the traditional industry of horizontal stroke forest, come for years,

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