second aggrandizement superintend

keys job that gives this second aggrandizement superintend and director to check. Among them, "Messy corrupt " enterprise and group fall into disuse upgrade circumstance gothic stockade fences Troms row is in the first, investigate key superintend and director " messy corrupt " enterprise whether according to rectify and reform plan to carry out close stop, remove, the business that production resumes after promotion

transforms; to rectify and reform accords wood composite plastic flooring with relevant provision; to whether exist outside detailed list " messy corrupt " the enterprise. In addition, construction of establishment of industry of processing of punish of coal fired boiler, volatile organic matter, key and move, key domain canal accuses weather of processing, heavy pollution to answer, in the center hiding ugly views panel fence of enrage with

experience of superintend of provincial environmental protection kind rectifying and reform item to fulfil a circumstance to wait also is this second superintend and price of outdoor deck director check. On November 7, happy hill key air pollution of area autumn winter prevents and cure the first round special superintend and director is checked start formally. By Le Shan bureau of city environmental protection

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