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sluggish domestic enterprises this year. China's flooring industry encountered anti-dumping anti-subsidy investigation of the United States China became a 'big producer' blame? It is understood that China's laminate flooring has also been filed by other countries anti-dumping investigations, and was such a large area of ??the United States anti-dumping anti-subsidy investigation for the first time.plastic compression molding process weight area
One of the reasons is that China has become a 'world factory' fame has already been established, the export industry to 'OEM form'

reputation, and in recent years, with the development of the industry, the United States has gradually become China's flooring industry, an important export destination Countries, dominate the export volume, cheaper products into the United States market, gradually occupy the United States market share of the flooring industry, products made from wood plastic composite
which became the flooring companies anti-dumping investigation is one of the important reasons. However, the unbalanced production and marketing of the domestic flooring market is one of the driving

forces behind the vigorous development of exports. Professor Yang Meixin said that the floor was originally a relatively balanced production and marketing industry, but due to the property market in recent years, the rapid development of the building materials industry soared, while the relatively low threshold of the flooring industry, a large number of enterprises to enter,cheap composite decking materials in UK
thus triggering excess capacity. After the maturity of the floor industry, there are more opportunities facing the world market. For example, at the cross-Strait

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