Domestic stone

Domestic stone such as black and white roots, silver white dragon, silver dragon, Caffeine, the United States Lynch gold, California beige, Fujian granite stone, bluestone, basalt, shrimp composite patio furniture materials red rust stone, golden hemp, tiger skin white varieties also have stronger decoration There are even some better products that are better imported, but at a much cheaper price. Second, according to their own understanding of color and hobby and different purposes to choose In real life, the colorful phenomena of nature has brought us a beautiful human imagination.

Color through the sensory transmission, all of the emotions in our hearts stirred waves and ripples. Different periods, different countries, different nationalities, different people have different views on color. In general, the red symbolizes kitchen acessories wood plastic composite auspicious beauty, the yellow symbolizes the light and noble, the green symbolizes hope and quiet, the black symbolizes power and dignity, and so on. In fact, the color is only entrusted with people's some hope and wishes, but also shows people's different aesthetic and psychological expectations. From architectural aesthetics, natural stone is subordinate to the building as a decorative material.

Its color must meet the needs of the building, it must also be closely aligned with the building, in order to give people . From a psychological point of view, we live in a colorful world, people's lives must be inseparable from the color. When we see a certain color, we are always accompanied by some kind of mental activity. Due to people's customs, emotional awareness, aesthetic attitude, the different ways of association, the understanding of glitter panel manufacturer the color symbolism is different, cast a mysterious veil of color, and lead to a period of different colors of evil emotion.

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