composite wood materials

floor of the Chinese industry conducted a survey, the exchange rate issue has become a real trade friction reasons . SouFun reporters from the relevant person in charge of the Forest Products Industry Institute was informed that the Association has reported to the State Forestry Administration and the Ministry of Commerce, and made contact with the relevant enterprises, the relevant 'double reverse' investigation forum will be conducted in the near future, Deployment is under way.
'Every tree cut down in the world is cut down

by Chinese people.'hot tub plywood floor decking
This statement directly reflects the scarcity of timber resources in China and the thirst for wood resources in the wood industry. Since the restrictions on timber exports by Southeast Asian countries, most of our flooring manufacturers are facing more stringent lack of resources in the world to seek resources cooperation has become its top priority in the development plan. Not long ago, the rapid growth of the past two years,patio using composite decking Mexico
the new home Wood Products (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. and Sanlin Global Limited reached a

strategic cooperation in the flooring industry resources competition in the industry raised a new height in the industry. Flooring companies backed by timber suppliers as the saying goes: 'backed by trees so shade.' China parquet occupies a pivotal position in the international market,ultra deck fence install
but with the limited export of timber in Southeast Asia, combined with the increasingly scarce timber resources in our country,

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