a cold air struck

In the process of wallpaper, putty and other processes, we must pay attention to do not open the window, otherwise, the wind is very large, it is easy to cause "fake dry" phenomenon, on the surface pvc floor install diy network looks, feels dry, In fact there is not dry, which will affect the quality of the back of the process. The fourth point is affected by the temperature of environmental protection, home decoration winter construction can not, as in other seasons, always open windows, so that it will affect the emission of harmful gases.

As we all know, when the temperature is low, the harmful gas will also reduce the volatility or stop the volatilization. Under these circumstances, after the check-in, the temperature will rise and the harmful gas will come out and affect the living health. Even eco-friendly wpc decking terrace materials, there is no guarantee that they will not contain harmful ingredients, except that they contain less harmful ingredients.

Therefore, the family decoration in addition to the selection of green building materials as far as possible, the process as little as possible to use even do not use antifreeze such a serious non-environmentally friendly materials, but also pay attention to take some late measures, such as the absorption of harmful gases through green plants Wait. There are many problems in home decoration, but owners can not figure out all the problems and then decorate as decoration experts. Therefore, it is best to choose decoration companies with long time, high quality and high management level. These companies are rich The decoration best stone for outdoor decks experience, a variety of problems can be a good response.

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