the rainy season

The beginning of the rainy season just after the onset of the sun in the midst of the weather, repeated torment is not only the human face of thousands of families! Some walls in the early morning damp rain, floods labor to install composite decking Botswana have not retreated, the wall is dry, the sun is approaching, thermal expansion and contraction, the wall immediately hollowed out, no more smooth and smooth appearance.

Most can not afford to withstand the test of the wall most of time, and some walls from the neat and delicate to empty drum powdered only five or six years, annoying and sad. Water-resistant putty powder pure natural gypsum powder, calcite, soy flour and scallop top wood composite edging other high-quality raw materials, refined. Extreme weather, difficult to control, but the product can be improved, the wall structure can be enhanced, the emergence of extreme weather, to some extent, promoted the development of production technology Water-resistant putty powder is divided into multiple products, clear division of labor, obvious advantages .

In order to improve the product advantages, to create high-quality wall effect, the United States using advanced Mein Ti Ma He environmental cracking wall construction process for construction, the strong ties between the various products to play the greatest advantage Wall effect. Wall durable, even if the decoration for many years no mold, cracking, hollowing and other pool deck wooden loungers clothing wall problems.

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