furniture of our country

affect the export of furniture of our country woodiness badly, make although the amount increases substantially,our country furniture is exported, but,composite decking manufacturers ireland exit amount differs badly however pace, 100 minutes when Vietnam exported American furniture to already took our country last year nearly 70, bigger to influence of exit of furniture of our country woodiness, if export the United States to export

a quantity, grow 23.38% , but, vinyl decking vs composite decking exit amount drops however compared to the same period 5.72% , besides the United States, appear Japan, England, France amount and amount amplitude are different stage appearance, if England exports an amount to grow 19.87% , and exit amount drops however 1.65% , French exit amount grows 18.7% , and exit amount drops however 2.52% . cheap outdoor floor in singapore Export 6 nations besides

Beautiful, highlighted the central height to environmental protection problem to take seriously again. 19 big reports will " hold to person and natural and harmonious discount outdoor wood tiles uganda accrete " one of radical general plan that as 14 new era holds to and develop Chinese characteristic socialism, put forward " accelerate reform of zoology civilization system, build beautiful China " . 19 put forward to

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