wood flooring

market. Strong combination of mutual benefit and win-win situation According to reports, China's floor to meet the supply of raw materials. Some of the more powerful flooring manufacturers in China have acquired a large number of fast-growing forest areas through acquisitions or contracting. This is also something that the weak and small enterprises can not do. Insiders said that in the next few years,hollow composit wood decking uae
there will be a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises being eliminated, by which time more than a thousand domestic

flooring enterprises may only make headway to dozens and over 100.
2012 Market conditions are not good, known as the floor of the Chinese city of Nanxun called how? Recently, Sohu reporter visited Nanxun, Jiang Sen on Gelsensen floor chairman did an interview - Sohu Reporter: It is also mid year, 2012 The whole enterprise in the first half of the development of Chiang can always give us a summary, including the entire Nanxun flooring industry?floor transition for exterior door threshold
Jiang Xuelin: floor in this industry with other industries are the same, this

year by the real estate regulation and control, the floor also has a direct impact, especially in the first half. Because the Chinese New Year and later this year, after a year the entire market appears very depressed and influential. Nanxun impact on our statistics is not great, but there is a drop of 19.7% of our entire sales, outdoor wood pavilion for a pool plans
the entire sales. Sohu Reporter: Is the same period? Jiang Xuelin: Compared with last year dropped 19.7%, but this year is more normal, because according to their own business positioning has been adjusted,

including production, product, marketing, made adjustments in all aspects. Made a lot of adjustments in the business

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