How to buy wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is wood do not fight, do not take the processing of the floor blocks, warm and soft, natural and pleasant, noise, good foot feeling. The classification of solid wood flooring according to the processing of different shapes, can be divided into flat-faced flooring (flat then wood flooring) and flattering flooring (mortise wood flooring). According to the Furniture for a Manufactured Home different processing methods can be divided into parquet floor and vertical wood floor. Solid wood identification texture: is to determine the quality of the floor standards, the rules of the texture beautiful and elegant Do not choose those textured messy floor. Color: High-quality solid wood flooring should have a natural color, clear wood, the material visible to the naked eye.

If the floor surface terrace fence cover black color is heavy, thicker paint layer may be to cover up the surface of the floor defects deliberately, especially in the floor when the six-face seal paint. Cracks: medium and low cracks in the floor is inevitable, but too big is not good. Some cracks occur in the texture of the wood, the cracks will not extend, can be used with confidence, but some cracks through the texture, you must not buy, because these cracks will extend, the future has a great negative influences. Knot: that knuckles, can be divided into living and dead sections.

As a natural Unmatched Composite Floor System product is impossible without knot, the reasonable distribution of living, but will make wood products more beautiful. Excellent product is not allowed to have defective knot exist, the state regulations: Where the diameter of ≤ 3mm alive knot and diameter ≤ 2mm and no fall off, very dense dead knot is not as a defective knot. In addition, some floors are made of tree heart material and the material near the bark, beware of the business to mention the level of price. Some wood floors used by a large number of moth-eaten, leaving many insects, the wood is not very good floor, the time of purchase should be cautious, deliberately old antique hand-made clearance wood flooring dfw solid wood flooring exception.

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