cotton product

Acoustic cotton Crest cotton product principle: It is a kind of wave material developed according to acoustic principle. The sound source can be directly reduced to a reasonable degree by the principle of Buy Floating Deck in Kentucky refraction. Absorb the incoming acoustic energy, play a decisive role on the sound waves. Used in noise reduction. It absorbs very high frequencies and can also be used for sound-absorbing treatments, as well as demanding room for playback.

For example: control room, mixing room, listening room, practice room, home theater, acoustic laboratory, music studio, sound studio, mapping room, KTV room, star hotel factory building silencer and building muffler project, Generator silencer, air conditioning, automotive (heavy machinery) industry and other industries and places. Peak absorption sponge is also often used in precision instruments, electronic equipment package. As a packaging pad, it can be very good cushioning vibration, equipment outdoor deck calculator South Africa protection, while the flame retardant properties, but also make the instrument more secure.

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