fewer and fewer factories of floor

less, fewer and fewer factories. Because of reduced sales, Dealers to reduce the powerful after the powerful decline in sales, is bound to bring loss, no profit, is bound to bring him to switch, shuffle. Shuffling starts this year or quickly shuffles in these three years. Sohu reporter: three years time. Jiang Xuelin: This three years should be a quick shuffle. Sohu Reporter: Do you think what kind of business can survive in the future, including you said that now you are in transition,cost of cattle fence per linear foot
what aspects do you think they will transition will be

transformed, what kind of change will the business? Jiang Xuelin: I think it is so popular with consumers that product quality is good. The new products are in line with consumers' new functions, new products, more environmentally friendly products and better services. This kind of living space . Taken together, consumers also accept,decking ideas photos china suppliers
the brand is also ringing. Because the floor after selling this process into the consumer to accept the brand, recognize the brand when it is quality, service, environmental protection, new products,

which is linked, with this thing, there is room for survival. �� You may also be interested in: Zhejiang Nanxun flooring manufacturers Daquan
In recent years, timber, logistics and transportation, labor costs to the flooring industry has brought heavy pressure, some floor companies also had to compel such a fierce competitive price increases. Reporters interviewed stakeholders related to the natural floor,wpc trash suitable enrivonment friendly
timber prices continue to rise, is the main reason why the floor price soars all the way, consumers buy floor, the preferred

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