Dream wall diatom mud

The face of diatom mud, a new type of environmentally friendly decoration materials, many people see different colors of diatom mud will have some problems. "Will the diatom mud fade for a long time?" Below Nanjing lawn edging 2 x 4 deck floor dream wall diatom mud give some explanation on this fade problem. As we all know, like paint, wallpaper and other wall materials, they belong to organic materials, so, over time, they easily oxidized with air and yellowing.

However, the diatom mud wall material is an inorganic material, the stability of the inorganic material is very good, not easily oxidized with air, so it will not fade, including Alupanels Composite Panels our pigments added to the material is also inorganic, so even over time Diatom mud wall material does not fade.

Simply put, in fact, the original color of the algae mud is white. Now we see the 40 colors of diatom mud but pigments extracted from plants, formed after calcination at high temperatures. As a result, diatom mud is not gorgeous, bright colors, but also because of this reason do not fade. So when you use diatom mud do not worry about diatom materials needed for wood privacy fence mud for a long time will lose the same luster as the wallpaper.

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