How to choose products?

Some household cleaners or personal care products also have the additive. Varieties of phthalates are questionable in products like soft toys, shower curtains, vinyl floors, wall coverings and imitation leather. Being aware of these toxic chemicals doesn't make it easier to find out what products have them in them. A few recommendations are buy your jewelry from a reputable jeweler that can track their products. Ask for low formaldehyde furniture. Pick clothing without the labeling of wrinkle free.

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Packaging is playing an increased role in our environmental responsibilities. Recycling or reusing packaging products is important to reduce new landfill sites. Most departments have gotten away from shipping with foam peanuts. They use shredded paper or plastic pillow's. Look out for companies that use environmentally safe shipping practices.You can ask questions when you place your order.

The country your merchandise is manufactured in is important. We do have watchdog organizations, but as with anything nothing is perfect. We have to continue to ask questions and when we see something that doesn't look or feel right we need to speak up. It may require yelling and screaming about the evidence, but it's worth it to protect ourselves and children.

Environmentally safe products can be found. Some are easier than others. Keep asking questions and the manufacturer's will eventually get the message. Quite often your wallet speaks the loudest.

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