floor essential oils are a substance

head of the office of Shanghai Jiangtong Technology & Environment Co., Ltd., believes that floor oil and floor essential oils are a substance, "but they are not liquid waxes. Liquid waxes are chemical substances , And floor oleum is extracted from plants after emulsification of the material is non-toxic harmless.

to meet the environmental requirements of household goods. "Different views on the role of the floor wax. For a variety of floor care products Utility, the three experts is given three different views. Now on the market less and less solid wax, but Liu Zhen believes that the floor is easy to wear some local solid wax,

can protect the floor finish, and liquid wax can only increase the floor brightness, "Matt floor, the use of Liquid wax easily lose the matte effect deliberately created. "Yu Baoguo made it clear that do not agree with this view," In addition to brightening,

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