output is respectively

hold countrywide total output is respectively build wood stairs for pool diy projects 5.1% , 4.2% with 0.03% . Breed of Chinese particieboard product is abounded further. 2016, crop of Chinese directional particieboard keeps stable, for 910 thousand stere, 2017, in build directional particieboard product line 2, productivity 370 thousand stere / year, future as product line of many large and directional wood plastic composite companies in kerala particieboard amount to

stage by stage produce, yield will present fast ascendant trend. 2016, china is not substaintial particieboard crop 780 thousand stere, 2017, build straw particieboard product High Quality Wood Plastic Water Channel line 5, productivity 605 thousand stere / year, predict to will be in 2017-2018 year in succession put into production. The bamboo particieboard goods lot that partial enterprise produces enters the market. Individual

business tries to use bulrush to produce particieboard as raw material. Reside swift and violent development of the industry as custom-built home, particieboard resides build a round deck pool the application of the product to be popularized stage by stage in custom-built home, chinese particieboard demand presents rapid growth trend. 2016, chinese particieboard consumption 27.09 million stere, than going up

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