cause the price to fluctuate

5%-8% ; And foreign log rises in price to also will cause the price to fluctuate secondhand. Express according to personage of relevant know the inside story, horizontal composite fence panels the near future is not little program of repair of area environmental protection will continue carry out, and the time of specific end is waited for calm, believe this to will affect what purchase business downstream purchase

enthusiasm on certain level, best wood for bench slats the Russia inside close period of time the price of material won't appear probably what changes. Show level, too harbor grows the storehouse 30x150 of 5.7/6m, norms camphor tree child loose (1-5 class) the businessman quotes 2070 yuan. The situation this year makes the diplomacy inside lumber plank person tired, hold on to totalexpanded pvc panel strenght for a boat deck meeting to be defended so that

the cloud leaves see a month bright! Friendship reminds: The client that buys lumber board makes reasonable arrangement according to need! Sawn timber market level: flower boxes from deck boards Teak market lasts fervent, safflower pear, cling to the flower rises in price Sawn timber market: Teak market lasts fervent; Safflower pear, cling to the flower rises in price; Performance of market of wood of North America white

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