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more add cold and cheerless, partial line factory even shutdown close a business, this causes impact to Laos lumber market on certain level. Price respect, Porch Flooring Cover Options Composite look forward to of whole of value of market of lumber of near future Laos is firm. The water teak that boil is low smooth. Express according to the businessman, near future water boils the shipment volume of teak to still be like

person meaning very much, downstreamTongue And Groove Poly Boards For Sale businessman is much purchase with the one bag, two small lot such as the bag give priority to, prices is low smooth. At present Guangdong market water boils teak (Laos is white) long 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm, class A quotes 4500, 6000 yuan / stere. Market of sawn timber of 2, Africa: The near future, as busy season atmosphere Fiberglass Composite Sheet Wholesale more and more add grumous, african

lumber market level improves continuously, most material is planted shipment is measured than before also have clear improvement. Price respect, the price that the Building Steps With Composite Decking businessman states material of Africa of near future part is planted presents a bullish position, prices is behaved very not common. Price of safflower pear is strong pull litre. The price of pear of near future safflower is

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