market red the pride

other hand, management pressure is highlighted. At present price of Guangdong market red the pride of China signs up for 4800-6200 yuan / ton. hophornbeam beans from price 6 high wood fence cost estimator callback later, near future market clinchs a deal somewhat improvement, but integral to the
limit of one's capacity is not large, at present price of beans of hophornbeam of Guangdong market South America signs up for

2900-3000 yuan / stere, smooth. decking flower boxes Brazilwood of twin leaf (common weighs Gutuoba) the businessman also suffers to pay close attention to fully after new money enters town, the near future has small lot to clinch a deal record, take money opposite better. Brazilwood of leaf of Guangdong market twin is producing area Brazil, at present thick curium Fang price installing a stockade fence yourself signs up for 6200-6300 yuan / stere.

Market personage expresses, although look from the angle of the price, the twin leaf brazilwood of Brazilian area is thick curium Fang wants to want tower above is wood or vinyl fence cheaper than log price a lot of, but if reach sexual price from volume recovery,look than coming, of Brazil thick curium Fang still is material benefit. Market of 4, northeast log: Recently, market of lumber of Russia of port of 3 mainlands

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