plywood crop year

other plywood 7.34 million stere. Go 10 years Chinese plywood crop year all add fast achieve 20.6% , it is the amplitude in man-made board is the fastest board kind.vinyl over wood on decks Output of Shandong plywood grows 6.5% , achieve 51.57 million stere, rank the first 8 years continuously, occupy countrywide plywood gross about 29% ; Output of Jiangsu plywood grows 23.3% considerably,green recycling plastic lumber 2x4 achieve 38.96 million

stere, continue to rank 2, occupy countrywide plywood gross about 22% ; Output of Guangxi plywood grows 4.1% , achieve 21.38 million stere, hold a line the 3rd, 12% what occupy countrywide plywood gross; Output of Anhui plywood grows 9.7% , achieve 16.34 million stere, certain room the 4th; free instructions to build garden bench with back 72.2% what before 4 province hold countrywide plywood total output, center posture further

apparent; Output of Henan plywood grows 6.7% , achieve 8.42 million stere, by on year the 6th rise to the 5th; Heibei plywood output grows 38.1% considerably, cost of a white fence achieve 8.12 million stere, by on year the 7th rise to the 6th; Crop of Guangdong plywood is reduced considerably 39.6% , for 6.69 million stere, by on year the 5th fall for the 7th; Crop of Fujian plywood increases considerably

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