percentage value of the contract

dates are difficult to pin down due to unpredictable weather conditions, but you can control it to a certain extent. You can negotiate a "no-later-than" clause, make your requests clear but reasonable. 4. Right-to-Rescind - This establishes a time period in which you can cancel the contract without penalty. If the homeowner cancels the job after the right-

to-rescind period has elapsed, then fence companies may request a certain dollar or percentage value of the contract. 5. Manufacturer's Warranty - Confirm that all the fence companies workmanship will conform to the manufacturer's warranty and installation instructions. Make sure you choose the company that adheres to all manufacturer's

instructions. 6. Contractor's Workmanship Warranty - Fence Companies offer their own workmanship warranty, make sure this is clearly noted in the contract. 7. Clean-Up - most fence companies have daily clean up of the job site as standard procedure. 8. Payment Terms - Clear instructions of schedule, terms and methods of payment should be in

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